as Contributing Editor with Rich Bottles Jr.
The Big Book of Bizarro

ISBN:  978-0615502038


Salacious - Sacrilegious - Scatalogical - Scotomizing - Strange!


The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including:


  • The alien, erotic, horror short story "Glory Holes" by Gary Lee Vincent

  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror writers John Russo & George Kosana

  • HUSTLER MAGAZINE erotica contributors  J.T. Seate, Eva Hore & Andrée Lachapelle

  • Established Bizarro genre authors Wol-vriey, D. Harlan Wilson,  William Pauley III, Laird Long, Richard Godwin


From Alien abductions to Zombie sex, The Big Book of Bizarro contains OVER FIFTY STORIES of the most outrélandish transgressive fiction that you'll ever lay your capricious and curious hands upon!


The Big Book of Bizarro:
Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)



Introducing the complete set of horror stories from the controversial anthology, The Big Book of Bizarro by Burning Bulb Publishing.


Featuring the following twenty bizarro works:


  • Daniel In The Lion's Den by Kai Miro

  • Wet by Mark Gallagher

  • The Whore of the Dartmoor by Rich Bottles Jr.

  • The Fall by David J. Fairhead

  • Glory Holes by Gary Lee Vincent

  • Channel 666 by John Russo

  • Forever Ago Sunshine by Wol-vriey

  • Honey-do by Nikko Lee

  • Every Bite by Matt Smallwood

  • Nothing Really Satisfies by Kelly R. Martin

  • Decorations by Nelson W. Pyles

  • Karnivali by Jesse J. Saxon

  • Front Page by Michael A. Migliore

  • Into The Night by Heather Lin

  • Hades on Ice by Kimberly Bennett

  • His Own Worst Enemy by Laird Long

  • Writer's Block by Ryan J. McBriar

  • Every by Charlie Kirby

  • City of the Dead by Clare de Lune

  • Want by Meself John


The Big Book of Bizarro:
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection (Kindle Ed.)



Introducing the complete set of science-fiction and fantasy stories from the controversial anthology, The Big Book of Bizarro, by Burning Bulb Publishing.


Featuring the following twenty-five bizarro works:


  • Alien Apocalypse by Zmortis

  • Saved by Thomas Fuchs

  • Pearl by Scott Emerson

  • Worms by George R. Galuschak

  • In Cocoon, I am Embryo by Kenzie Mathews

  • The Only One To Save by Derek Tabor

  • Scotomization by D. Harlan Wilson

  • False Idols by Sean Martin

  • I'm Going To The Moon by Christy Leigh Stewart

  • Diethylamide by Michael C. Thompson

  • Their Quiet, Bookish Life by Chadwick H. Saxelid

  • Gloriana by Angela Caperton

  • Bleedin' Hearts by Salvatore Buttaci

  • The Image of the Lord by Jon Judy

  • Punch and Jesus by Anonymous Christian

  • Jumpers by Michael Bracken

  • Nude Sushi with a Twist by Keith Dugger

  • Talking Heads by Nicole E. Peffer

  • BOOM CLICK CLICK by William Pauley III

  • Succor the Child by Mercy Loomis

  • She Who Cleans: A Dung Sticker’s Shitty Tale by A.D. Spencer

  • Tiffany's!! It's Get Even Time!! by George Kosana

  • Cotton Mouth by Christopher Danaher

  • InBox by Brennon ThompSon

  • Losing Control by R. Scott Steele

The Big Book of Bizarro:
Erotica Collection (Kindle Ed.)

ASIN: B00F06EQ54


Introducing the complete set of erotica stories from the controversial anthology, The Big Book of Bizarro, by Burning Bulb Publishing.


Featuring the following twelve bizarro works:


  • One Hell of a Band by J.T. Seate

  • Lester's Ominous Gift by Eva Hore

  • The Gathering by Madeleine Swann

  • Womb With a View by Reina Sobin

  • Love Bites by Andrée Lachapelle

  • Pomegranate Moth by Richard Godwin

  • Sonata for Insects and Violins by Peter Baltensperger

  • Frosty by Alice Jacobs

  • Fun House by Kimber Vale

  • Butterfly Kisses by Duncan Meece

  • Sexual Madness by Rose de Fer

  • Terra Cupidus by Robin Tiergarten

Rise of the Dead:
An Earth-Shattering Collection
of Zombie Terror

ISBN: 978-0692341476


“By now almost everyone knows that the concept of the modern flesh-eating zombie originated in the sixties with Night of the Living Dead™. That’s why I think that this anthology of short stories paying homage to that fact is a wonderful idea. When I was asked to write such a story, I was told that each and every story in the book would have to take place in or around the time, in 1968, when the horror classic that I co-authored took place…


Perhaps, for you, dear reader, some of the stories you will read in these pages will take their place as some of your very own favorites. Please step back with me into the 1960’s – a time of peaceniks, rednecks and unspeakable zombie horror!!”

- John Russo


RISE OF THE DEAD - A collection of seventeen stories from masters of pen and screen, including


  • The First One by John Russo

  • Home Cookin by Tyson Blue

  • The Last Ministry by E.L. Stice

  • The Turbulent Flight Home by Nelson W. Pyles

  • The South Will Rise Again by Andy Rausch

  • Lovely Rita by Stephen Spignesi

  • The Protest by R.D. Riley

  • Peace in Peaces by Zakary McGaha

  • The Commune by David J. Fairhead

  • Cocaine Connie by Gary Lee Vincent

  • End Scene by David C. Hayes

  • Elizabeth's Story by Rachel J. Montgomery

  • Deadheads by Paul Victor Wargelin

  • Philbear by David F. Walker

  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time by William Vitka

  • Felicity Marmaduke Redux by Rich Bottles Jr.

  • The Morning After by Douglas Brode

Westward Hoes

ISBN: 978-0615759586


Daring… Dueling… Disturbing… Damning


Nine outlaw writers rode into town from obscurity to pen nine tantalizing tales of horror and fantasy, and leaving once they branded their own personal marks on the weird western genre and became living legends of the American Frontier experience.


Like drunken Indian scouts, the writers fervidly tracked down and captured the Western genre, tore off its fashionable veneer and ravished its exposed essence.


So belly up to the bar with your favorite soiled dove and enjoy perusing these thrilling tales of Old West debauchery, danger and desire; compiled by the publisher of The Big Book of Bizarro and featuring the bizarro novella "Big Trouble in Little Ass" by Wol-vriey and the short story, "The Tailsman" by Gary Lee Vincent - now a comic book!

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