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Current Projects

A PROMISE TO ASTRID is my Directorial Debut based on the Dove Award winning book by Michael Tourville, Produced by Jason Campbell at JCFilms, starring Dean Cain, JoAnn Peterson, and Jeremy Gladen.

MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE is a film that I produced with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD writer John Russo, in which John stares as Uncle John and I play his nephew Oscar.

ENDOR - The first motion picture starring Gary Lee Vincent - debuted in
Omaha, NE, February 4, 2016

ENDOR (Trailer 1):

ENDOR (Trailer 2):


Books & Music

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

From the writers of Darkened Hills, Detour to Armageddon,
and Night of the Living Dead
comes a novel and motion picture unlike any other...

Available on

In the 1800's, ordinary people learned the secret of the Kala and undertook extraordinary measures to rid the earth of this evil. This is their story.


For John McCormick, life on the Indiana frontier held nothing but promise. His settlement along the White River would soon become the crossroads of America. Friends and family from back in Ohio and other points east were all making plans to see what all the fuss was about in the newly-formed city of Indianapolis. Yes, things were good. John had his general store and his friend George Pogue had his blacksmith business. Claims were being staked and relations with the native Indians were amicable. The town was growing and nothing could be better… or so he thought.


In Ohio, an evil was brewing. The Lecky Family, a group of ruthless Mongolian nomads, had made their way to America and were practicing their cannibalistic religion of Kala with reckless abandon. No one was safe, not even John McCormick’s family.


After the vicious slaughter of John’s brother Thomas and Thomas’ wife and children by the Leckys, John has no choice but to confront this evil head on. As each day passes, more and more people fall victim to the Kala Clan’s evil intent.


With time running out, can John McCormick and his posse of frontiersmen find and defeat this notorious foe? Find out in Belly Timber.

John Russo's RISE OF THE DEAD:
An Earth-Shattering Anthology of Zombie Terror now available!

“By now almost everyone knows that the concept of the modern flesh-eating zombie originated in the sixties with Night of the Living Dead™. That’s why I think that this anthology of short stories paying homage to that fact is a wonderful idea. When I was asked to write such a story, I was told that each and every story in the book would have to take place in or around the time, in 1968, when the horror classic that I co-authored took place…


Perhaps, for you, dear reader, some of the stories you will read in these pages will take their place as some of your very own favorites. Please step back with me into the 1960’s – a time of peaceniks, rednecks and unspeakable zombie horror!!”

- John Russo


RISE OF THE DEAD - A collection of seventeen stories from masters of pen and screen, including a foreword and story by John Russo and brand new short story "Cocaine Connie" by Gary Lee Vincent!

Available on



Episode No. 1 - Pilot


Writen by David J. Fairhead, adapted for comic by Gary Lee Vincent, and illustrated by Little Sun.


This is the pilot episode of DEMONEYE. Here, we are introduced to Dekker Collins and the characters of Canvass Pass. Deborah, the town’s highly prized ‘lady of the night,’ is Dekker’s informal partner in helping him rid the town of demons, who are becoming all too frequent these days. Dekker has discovered their weakness, but can he keep the town safe, as the very tool he needs to give him an edge — DEMONEYE — may also destroy him in the process.





Episode No. 1 - The Sioux City Shithouse Monster


Writen by Gary Lee Vincent, adapted for comic by Rich Bottles Jr., and illustrated by Stuart J. Brown, NOTHING can prepare you for one of the West's newsest heros!


He’s hot on the trail, looking for some tail


Sly Franko was a man of the West, a forger of the wild frontier. Like the Country Western song that would be written years after he died, the words, “Faster horses, younger women, and more money,” seemed to be the anthem of this horn dog cowboy.


Franko would ride into town on a blazing saddle, find the closest saloon to wet the whistle, belly up to a good card game, and find him a hot-loving hussy to get his cowpoke on with.He would never stay in any one town too long, always mindful not to wear out his welcome and also mindful to glance over his shoulder from time to time just in case his ‘lady of the night’ from the night before happened to be married. The last thing Sly Franko needed was an angry husband hot on the trail of “The Tailsman.”


Yes, Franko quickly earned the nickname of The Tailsman and it would be an accurate statement to say he always seemed to find some tail on the trail wherever he would roam.


In Episode No. 1, Franko finds himself in the rolling hills of western Iowa where a visit to bathroom leads to terror and death.  Can Sly and his buddies save the town and still get back to the Parlor of Pleasure in time for a game of cards and some gentlemanly fun?  For mature readers only.